Its a nice snow keeping -15 degreees out there

Its a nice snow keeping minus 15 degrees here at Lake Margrethe this morning. The bright side of that is we didn’t lose any snow overnight, in fact we have another inch or two since yesterday. It still pretty much lake effect snow but it does brighten things up and make lubrication for us. It took a while for us to get riding yesterday as you know when you ride with a group that something or someone always holds you up. Keith from Fays gathered most of the guys at Graylings infamous Fays Motel but the first hold up was when Wrong Way Rawlins showed up to ride. He was in his car. He thought that because Keith told him they were going for a ride that they were going in the groomer. So Wrong Way had to go back home to get his sled. Then it took him a while because he said a battery he¬†bought from me was bad. (Chinese quality). The gang made it to Frederic and 7 of us took off on a nice and cold sunny morning headed for Wolverine or Indian River. We got up under the bridge in Gaylord when Keith informed us that he had lost his cell phone. So we rode back towards Frederic slowly with all 7 of us scouring the trail looking for his phone. Unfortunately we weren’t successful in finding it. By now it was well past lunch time so instead of lunch up north of Gaylord we opted for lunch at the Frederic Inn. It was about 2:30 when that was over and most of the guys headed out from there. Jimmy Jones and myself decided to go out and ride a little more and we were never more than about 5 or 6 miles from Frederic. I have to say I was very surprised at the snow and trails that we found, I don’t know where it came from but we had plenty of areas that had 8 to ten inches of fresh snow and we were the first ones thru there. Look closely at the picture below here at my foot prints and the snow pushed up from my sled. I liked that snow a lot. The other picture is just before we headed out earlier in the day. All in all we had a nice ride of about 60 miles, Quality, not Quantity riding. I would imagine it should be a busy weekend coming up but this has been a strange winter so far. I am off this morning for our weekly Century 21 office meeting and I am still surprised in the amount of interest in real estate for this time of year and that’s good as its still subsidizing the weak start of snowmobile business….Thanks for checking in. Pete

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