Its a great time for weekday riding

I just cant believe how fast time goes by in here. People in and out and the phone and I just got a chance to set down and type this. It was really busy around Frederic on sunday and especially for superbowl sunday. Once all the groomers hit their trails again I think the weekday riding here will be very good. So far this morning I had Blue Lake Bill in here and another guy to give the alabama boys a run for the long distance award and he is from Louisiana and here for 6 weeks to ride and another couple who wanted to come into the “world famous Sledheads of Frederic” at least thats what he called. Mike and his wife from 100 miles south of Chicago. They had seen me online and I told them its not as exciting as you might think being tied to this place all the time but I do have my share of fun here and I always love talking to everyone and finding out where they are from. The only time I ever rushed anyone out of here was the night Cathy called me and said she was going into labor with Haley, I kinda had to push a couple guys out the door but I figured that was a pretty good excuse. Now its another half hour later as the latest wave of monday people came in. Laura & Gary from Attica were just in and brought their little dog in to meet Ellie. They to said they were coming into the infamous Sledheads…..funny how that happens twice in one day when you havent heard it before……So thats about it for today…..I am putting a video below here, it is in german but very funny as you will see, this is just to bring a smile to everyone today…..Thanks for checking in. PeteĀ

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