Its a Cool & Calm 16 out

Its a cool and calm 16 degrees here in downtown Frederic this morning. Its about 11 and have only seen a few cars rolling thru town and of course no sleds. I did ride one sled yesterday around the building but that doesn’t count. Last night on the news it looks like there is some hope for a white Christmas so that is a little encouraging. Also super rider Dave Klemish sent me this update from the DNR about improvements on the trails west of here so here it is

Improvements completed on ORV route, snowmobile trail in
northeastern Kalkaska County 
 The Department of Natural Resources today announced that improvements have been completed along the Kalkaska Route, which includes Snowmobile Trail #79 in northeastern Kalkaska County.

Improvements on this dual-use recreational trail include constructing 0.5 miles of new trail and installing a new bridge over Goose Creek. The project was necessary to replace a formerly narrow and structurally deficient bridge and to move the trail into the woods away from vehicular traffic on Kalkaska County Road 612.

“The new trail and bridge provide a much safer, more enjoyable motorized recreational experience for our users,” said Todd Neiss, DNR parks and recreation trail specialist.The project was funded using grants from the Recreational Trails, Off-Road Vehicle and Snowmobile programs.

For more information about ORV and snowmobile trails in northern Michigan, please contact Todd Neiss at 231-775-9727 ext. 6045, or visit

Thanks to Dave for that, below I am putting a few pics of some of the new shirts we just got in. Thanks for checking in. Pete

100_5043 100_5045 100_5046 100_5047 100_5048 100_5049 100_5050 100_5051 100_5052 100_5053 100_5054

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