It was raining, It was pouring

It made it to the upper 40s yesterday and for as warm as it was things seemed to be holding pretty well until the rain started about 6:30, it started pouring and that really made us a mess. There is still alot of snow on the ground even thru the rain and its supposed to turn cold tonight with 3 to 6 inches coming and then more thru the weekend, so I really believe that it will be o.k. to ride this weekend. What a roller coaster and this one thru in a big corkscrew to boot. Last time it rained it took all the snow out of my yard but this time there is still snow so that is a good sign. One thing I wanted to talk about was the fact that it was so busy all over northern michigan and that there were no deaths reported. That was a good sign until tuesday night when a 65 year old man was killed when he hit a tree in lake or wexford county. The DNR doesnt have a fatality report up so far this year but from the ones I know about I think the count is at about 12. Please remember to ride safely. I did put together my other video from last week so here is a link to it   Thanks for checking in. Pete

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