It seems like winter all over michigan

Good Morning to you from Kalamazoo at my moms house, drove down here last night and it snowed pretty hard all the way here, while it sure looks like winter everywhere I looked last night this is still all lake effect snow and it isn’t getting us a base so real riding can begin. I did see one sled track along the rails to trails trail in Stanwood as I drove thru. This morning in Frederic its still ten degrees and it been snowing all night with 3 to 5 new inches. Gaylord schools were closed this morning. As of late yesterday afternoon just before I left I have yet to see a sled out and about which really has surprised me. I have seen sleds out before in way worse conditions than this. Even though we do not have a base I would say they are going to start coming out now. One other thing I have been meaning to mention is that the gas station / store in Waters is now open again which is a great thing and on a sadder note Al’s Market along the trail by Otsego Lake burned last night. That place was just taken over by new owners. Thanks for checking in.Thanks for checking in. Pete

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