It going to be a great weekend

I swear next time we get a nice dumping of snow like we had yesterday I am taking the day off to go and ride, it never fails everytime that happens during the week people just aren’t prepared for it and just like I said yesterday morning the ones that are out there in it are the lucky ones. Conditions were incredible yesterday with very few riders out there, now today already riders are starting to show up so I would say it is going to be a great weekend for riding. You just never know what to expect as it can change so fast from one day to the next. I heard about a group from ohio who had a big ride planned for up here this coming weekend and they pulled the plug on it because of the conditions last week. Now I am betting they wished they hadn’t done that. You just cant plan that far in advance on these thing and you have to be ready to adapt to whatever comes up. The sleds that have been in this morning are saying trails are perfect and I just talked to a friend of mine in town that is heading out to ride today. Also got in my newest Sledheads trinket, so far this year I have had the key chains, the pint glasses and the koozies in and now to hang your trailer keys or sled keys on we have the Sledheads lanyards…..I finished plowing all around the building this morning so I will take some new snow so I can move it again anytime. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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