It Figures

It figures, right after the “Big Week” that everyone was hoping for and the few people that were here went home we get a little snow. Enough to have the first “snow day” which makes all the kids happy and gives them one more day off school. Total I would say we only had 2 to 3 inches but its nice and cold and I would guess that’s why they really closed schools. I took a picture in downtown Grayling this morning of the snow they had piled up and that’s something we haven’t seen in a while. It makes it look pretty good. Still not enough for groomers but we are slowly getting there inch by inch. There was only one set of people that stopped by on their way home from the U.P. yesterday and that kind of surprised me, they had come from Marquette yesterday morning but had been in Houghton the day before. Only a few sleds riding around Frederic on sunday. Also today I would like to send a Happy Birthday shout out to long time reader and rider Tom Parks where ever he may be. I guess I need to go put my plow on and move a little snow. The road grader just went by here leaving me a nice big pile of snow to move. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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