It doesnt get much better than this

There have been many riders in and they all say the same that it doesnt get much better than this. Great trails everywhere… isnt often I get to say that and the best part is that they are calling for up to 8 new inches by thursday night….I LIKE IT!!! Finally the Ohio State Snowmobile Asscociation will have a great year for their annual OSSA ride in out of the Ramada Inn in grayling this coming weekend. I would like to welcome all of them and am sorry to say I cant make it to their banquet saturday night. I always look forward to going to that. There have already been some of their members in and yestereday Bill & Todd Dresnek from Jeffereson Ohio dropped me off a bunch of spam and some ramen noodles…….just to keep me from starving… if the mountain man shows up him and I could have lunch. Also I want to send a shout out to Evan from Amherst Ohio who is a regular reader here everyday. Evan your dad was just in a little while ago. Also my cottage is still available for this coming weekend if anyone is looking for a nice place to stay. Just click on the Wayside Inn Cottage tab at the top here to check it out. Thanks for checking in. Pete,   one more thing if you get up here and are on facebook or google places be sure to check in at sledheads….thanks

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