It doesnt get better than this…..

It doesnt get better than this, at least for a little while. Yesterday once again it was a superb day for riding. Chris & John rolled into Frederic from Flint to get away from the bad water down there and we took off on a ride. We headed up to the air to ground range and then on to lovells. Perfect conditions with a nice thick 5 to 7 inches. Not to hard to get thru and it kept your skis off the dirt. It is still about the same this morning but if this stuff freezes up its going to make it really rough.I plowed snow last night and it piled up so far in front of my plow it made it really tough to move. While we were riding we saw 2 other sleds at Lovells and then 5 more sleds in Frederic…..Currently its 8:30 a.m. on thursday and there is snow in the air here in Grayling at our C/21 office. Several people have called wondering about riding. Like I said this is kind of a one use snow but its holding pretty well right now. Also here is a link to a story about the trails and riding at this time of year that someone sent me from yesterdays m live Riding the Michigan Sled Trails in April   Things were getting slushy at the end of the day but I think it feels better this morning.. All the pictures below are from yesterday


air to ground range


came across Curt running his dogs and stopped at his fire


sleds at the frederic inn, slushy parking lot


Our Sleds after our ride at the shop


second time to lovells this week


Pete, John & Chris at the air to ground hill


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