I wish I was in Seney

I wish I was in Seney at the Fox River Motel as its 43 degrees here in Oceanside. I just got off the phone with Don at Fox River and he said the motel is almost full of riders and the snow is still great. As long as its this cold on the west coast I should be in dah u.p. instead. I am pasting a link to Dons report from their ride yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fox-River-Motel/99468044595  He said that unless it warms up and they get rain that he thinks its going to last a couple more weeks yet. I had a phone call yesterday too from 2 guys that wanted to know if Sledheads was open because they were coming back from riding in the Leelanau peninsula. They reported good riding and said there was still a lot of snow over there. I also got a report that there is still 30 inches of ice on Lake Margrethe and I heard of some guys waterskipping over by portage creek. So the riding is still going on, and we on the other hand are moving on from Oceanside today towards some friends over in Beaumont. The other night we took the train down to San Diego where I wish we could have gone to the ball game that was going on. One place I have always wanted to go there ever since I saw it on the food channel is a place called The Strip Club. The only thing I didn’t know is that when we got there is that they wouldn’t let Haley in cause it was only 21 and over. Now you say why would I take my 14 year old in a place like that. Well its name is deceiving because its a steak place and not really a strip club. I see that many of the bars around here do not allow anyone under 21 in there. So the girls walked around and at least I went inside and had a couple beers and a nice talk with the bar tender. Then after we got back to Oceanside on the train we went to Outback for our steak dinner……Here are a few pics below…Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_2115[1] IMG_2116[1] IMG_2113[1]

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