I was right….

I was right, this was  by far the busiest weekend in Frederic and today is just going to add to it being Presidents day. I sat down to do this around ten and now its noon. Been a lot of sleds in and today is the warm day. Its up to 13 already. I am sure it would have been busier this weekend if it wouldn’t have been so cold. This is much more comfortable weather and the proof is in the amount of sleds that have already been in here this morning. Yesterdays motel count I forgot to put down which was 4 at the Days Inn and 19 at the Ramada and the count went down today to 1 at the Days and 9 at the Ramada and usually I wouldn’t count a horse trailer as I look only for sled trailers but there was a group in here that asked me if I counted the horse trailer as they said that they had four sleds in it so I counted it this morning. One of the last groups of the day last night was with Big John and I think they were from Toledo. I took a pic of their sleds out front as there was a nice sunset going on but it didn’t come out to good in the picture. So that’s about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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