I want snow……

Coreys-CrewI want snow and so does everyone else. I did see probably a dozen sleds come thru Frederic yesterday but not one came over to my side of the street. Still depending on who you talk to and where they have been riding reports are from junk to great. Pretty much you need to stay north and west of Frederic, I even had two sleds out yesterday that I took around the building just to move things around. I have not yet gone forĀ a ride this season other except with my friend Ray around his property which was short and sweet but that was in December. I still haven’t even put trail permits on any of my five sleds. If anyone wants to get away just to come north our cottage is still available if you want a nice place to stay, just give me a call. The weather forcast for Friday and Saturday is another one of those that is into the upper 30s and I sure don’t like that but hey who cares anymore anyways on what they say. I never thought I would see the day that Century 21 would actually be subsidizing Sledheads, but thank goodness it is and that will keep me out of the spam line so far. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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