I Love the Snow

IMG_5993 IMG_6002I love the snow but I have to say this sitting next to the Ocean in Ormond Beach at Coral Sands Resort & Seaside Cottages isn’t all bad either. We have been here 4 days now and you couldn’t ask for a better spot or weather. I have been out to watch the sunrise each morning and during the day watching cloud formations and picking things out. Well with this mornings sunrise the state of Michigan popped up in the clouds, you will see it in the picture below. So off to the flea market in Daytona today to see what kind of treasures we can find and then starting to head north. I see it has been cold at home along with some sprinkles of snow. I hear as of a couple days ago there were still fisherman driving out on Houghton lake….I sure wouldn’t recommend that. Thanks for checking in. Pete, Cathy, Melissa & Haley……


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