I have a dream

With the MLK weekend coming up I have a dream of alot of snow, to bad its mostl likely just a dream. I still say riding conditions are poor and we have a total of maybe 2 inches on the ground for all week and that is stretching it. It is all nice and white out and even though I say its bad I imagine there will still be some that come out to ride this weekend. Last night was our coldest night of the so called winter with it getting to just about zero. I had a lady call this morning that is heading to the u.p to Raco and she said they are going to ride there. Then Bob Young called and said he is going there too, so maybe that is the hot spot for this weekend. This is traditionally a big weekend with people coming up for a long weekend. If they come and cant ride sleds they will most likely drive around and check out places in their cars. Here is a link to a few video clips I did yesterday from the whole ordeal that went on here in frederic. I have certainly done more interesting videos but here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uept_cKLnZU    Also I have quite a few 1./4 inch strips of white refelective left from doing my sign. Those small pieces would be good to put on sleds or helmets to make them more visible. If anybody comes in and wants a strip or two I would be happy to pass them on as I just dont want to throw them away. Below are pics of the 3 cars wrecked here in frederic yesterday morning.  Thanks for checking in. Petestate police 1 state police 2 crash 3


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