I Have a Dream!

I Have a Dream that one day soon we will get enough snow in 2015 to get this season going. Then all sleds can ride in harmony thru the beautiful northern Michigan forests. I look forward to the day where we can all stand as one and scream out SNOW AT LAST, SNOW AT LAST!        Its Monday morning in Frederic and I have seen a group of seven sleds go thru. I am still surprised at the amount of sleds that were out on sunday even with the poor conditions we have. I checked the grayling motels this morning and the trailer counts were down to 3 at the days inn and ten at the ramada. Sled traffic was steady all day sunday and a few people stopped in on their way back from the u.p. We really need to get some snow to get things in shape, it seems like I keep saying that all the time. I do think for the most part everybody had a good time this weekend and did the best they could for what we have. I also have to send Happy 22nd Birthday to my daughter Melissa, she was my birthday present back in 1993 so now that makes me all the way up to 58. I have a hard time thinking that I am even that old, seems like yesterday I was just 19……..Thanks for checking in and do some heavy snow chanting.

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