I hate to whine……but

I hate to whine but now its gone from to cold to much to warm. Its a nice comfy 28 degrees out in Frederic this morning. We did get about 1 inch of new snow overnight but the weather forcast for this week is not what we want to hear with 2 days of predicted 41 which will really put the hurt to the trails. All we can do is hope that the sun doesn’t show up along with that and see what really happens. Sled traffic on sunday was pretty slow around town but riders that did come in were reporting pretty good riding. The Alabama boys are supposed to be coming up to my rental cottage on Wednesday but I know they are watching and feeling it out to see if they can pull it off. Starting Friday temps are supposed to go back down with some new snow so maybe we will luck out. Remember everyone needs to chant the ancient frederican snow chant….MO MO NAH CHEE CHEE NAH. I was upstairs the other day and came across an oldie but goodie telephone. It looked just like the bat phone hotline to commissioner Gordon from years ago so I hooked it up and it works fine. I didn’t take any other pictures yesterday. I did talk to one of the snowmobile officers and he said there were 4 sherriff and 3 DNR trucks that were on that chase from Saturday. Needless to say the rider spent the night in jail in Gaylord.  Thanks for checking in. PeteIMG_0360

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