I am (was) SO HAPPY…..

I am (WAS) so happy this morning when I woke up. I was as estatic as could be with a fresh 7 to 8 inches on the ground of real nice thick snow. I was ready to go get my sled out and that’s when it happened. I woke up only to find out I was having a dream…..well it was nice well it lasted. No changes in the conditions and its up to 28 at 10:30 Friday morning and supposed to head to 40s today. Its very sunny right now. Yesterday I went up to Mancelona road and drove that whole stretch to Mancelona and then down to Kalkaska (I was out showing houses again) and I couldn’t believe with all the white that there is out there that there are no sleds out. All the white is is a slight covering. It almost makes me think sledding is a thing of the past. Who knows when or if we will get rideable snow back. After Kalkaska I drove back across 612 to Frederic and it still looked the same. This morning I looked at the trail crossings north of the high school and the only tracks on both sides were truck tracks….So the wait is still on. Last night I attended Business after hours at the Chevy dealer in town by the grayling chamber. It was a nice gathering and I had to check out the new Camaro and below is a pic with me in it. I had to try to out, 6.2 supercharged big block convertible. Only 75,000 and then I got to thinking that I have almost 14,000 people on my facebook page. If everyone could send me $7 dollars I could by that thing. I started it up and it sounded pretty mean. Well I rambled long enough and Corey just rode up here on his vintage arctic cat a 74 ,340 el tigre. Ryan the local deputy was even here checking in out. So that is one rider out there. He just rode over from his cabin.Thanks for checking in. PeteIMG_0846 IMG_0847 IMG_0849 IMG_0850

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