I am so jealous

Its ten degrees with light snow in the air here in beautiful and quiet downtown Frederic. It seems everyone south of us in Michigan has incredible snow and we were lucky enough to get maybe 2 inches if you stretch it overnight. On the other hand trails were reported in great shape yesterday in all directions and sled traffic was very very light. I did talk to Ryan who was running one of the Gaylord groomers on Saturday and he said they had a bad track on the groomer that did trail 4 but the new one had came in and they were fixing it. Since then I have heard trail 4 is back in shape..thank goodness. I have seen a lot of pictures from downstate of over a foot of snow and my brother put on a few videos from riding around kalamazoo. I wish I could jump on my sled and ride all the way there as this would be the time to do it, my only problem is figuring out how to get around Grand Rapids. I am working on putting a video together of  clips I have taken in the past week and will post that when I get it done. One other thing I forgot to write about was Saturday some guys rode into here and told me they had spotted the mountain man in Mancelona the night before and then Saturday night about 9:30 my phone rang at home and it was none other than the Mountain Man himself. He said he had spent the day fishing out on twin lakes but didn’t catch much. I told him I have been getting reports of him around different areas and he gets a kick out of how I know where he is at. I told him he should get over here so we can somehow get his hitch situation fixed.  One other story from this weekend is about a horse that got loose and that was pretty sick, not sure if it was Frederic fire or ambulance that responded to a horse up by pineview motel and surplus, it was down in the parking lot and they were trying to help it out until the vet got there, I guess where he was laying he kicked someones sled trailer that was there, I have not heard how or if the horse made it thru o.k. Thanks for checking in. Pete



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