I am pretty sure this really is the end…..I think

I am pretty sure this really is the end…..I think, I just got to Frederic this afternoon and its 50 out and the snow is leaving as fast as it came. I really was hoping to head off for a quick ride this afternoon but as I drove thru my unplowed area my tire tracks were coming up grass so I am really going to hang it up. I will post every couple weeks or as things come up. I will leave you with this picture of The Ole Barn in Grayling where many of you have stopped. It just sold and changed names to Tinkers Junction so that will be a new stop for you this summer or next sled season. Dana & Katie took over on the first. They are both long time Grayling residents and they will take good care of you when you stop in. I have known her since she was a little girl and she said they named it after her dad. I knew him and I know he would love the thought of her having this place. Here is a pic of the front with their new sign on it that I took last week when we had snow. Thanks for checking in and think snow……PeteIMG_0849



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