How’s this for a teaser

Its been snowing on and off all day today on sunday along with some light rain. The first picture below was the trail crossing just north of the grayling high school about 11 this morning and then it got more on it as the day went on. There was definitely more snow in Frederic today than in Grayling but it wont stay,,,,,yet. I have been busy all day putting things away and running between Frederic and home. Also today while I was at Sledheads Paul from Windsor stopped by to say hi. He was on his way back from up north and said it would be sacreligious to drive by Frederic without stopping so that was nice he stopped. He is anxious for snow as I have also had a few other calls from regulars like Jeff Rueher in Ohio along with Doug Shepard down there. We went to dinner last night at the Frederic in and ran into Skinny Kenny and his bride and I am pasting a picture of Skinny Kenny and myself below here,,,,. The one other thing I would like to say is that yesterday I stopped by to visit my oldest friend George Maytn as it was his birthday and he just turned 103 years old, and would you believe he still drives and is as sharp as a tack and pretty much any day you can find him down at Goodales Bakery in Grayling about 10 in the morning sitting with the guys….So that’s it for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

photo 2 photo 1

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