How long can we hold out?

Its 23 and cloudy in frederic this morning but it was way sunnier than I would like to see in grayling this morning. I looked at the trails this morning on the way here, along m 93 by hanson hills looked pretty good with only a little snirt in corners and even the swampy part of that trail that is usally wet looked good, the┬ásouth crossing up by the high school had some brown in it but the next crossing north looked better and flat. Now the question is how long will things last. From what I saw on the weather forcasts my prediction is that riding this weekend is going to be better than next weekend. 3 days of 35 degrees next week will probably hurt us bad. I did my motel survey this morning and it was only 1 trailer at Days Inn and 5 at the Ramada. Its been almost 2 weeks since we have had a good dumping of snow and what we have has held up great for all the wear and tear it has been getting. I did have a rider come in this morning saying what a great job he thought the guys did on cleaning up the trail system. Dave Klemnish called me yesterday to say he stopped and saw the mountain man and talked to him for about a half hour but he did not get a picture with him. He has moved camp to down along ccc bridge road so he is pretty easy to spot. Then later on yesterday afternoon I get a text and a picture of the mountain man and the text says I owe him a shirt. It was my friend Jack from Skip;s sport shop, I told him I should disqualify him cause he took the picture in his shop and didnt get it at mountain mans camp, Jack told him what I had going on and now the mountain man wants a shirt too….so I have decided to extend the contest for a shirt and here are the rules. The picture must be taken at his camp with his camper and your sled and you and him in the picture. I had the feeling he would be out and about yesterday cause it was the third and thats when he gets his check. Here is the pic from Jack and his helper Zac along with the mountain man. Thanks for checking in. Petemountain man and jack & zac

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