Hot Summer Fun

Hot summer fun here in Sturgis South Dakota on Main street during the 75th annual rally. I got here Saturday night and brought my bike along this year. Been getting up early and taking some nice rides thru the black hills. The roads are in excellent condition and they have a lot of turns in them. Very scenic and a lot  to explore, this morning I rode thru Spearfish Canyon and that was scenic as well as very cool out. I wanted to get a couple hour ride in each morning before it got to busy out there. We had a  heck of a storm blow thru Frederic and Grayling a couple days ago and there are still many people with no power. Meanwhile I am camped out here one block off main street and I have to say its pretty darn nice. Thanks for checking in. Pete. Here is a link to some pictures I have taken along with some I took this mornings ride.

IMG_7514 IMG_7507 IMG_7515


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