Hoping Santa will bring us snow

Hoping Santa will bring us snow. Its 30 this morning in Frederic, temps got up to 40 yesterday and weather shows plus 40 for next 4 days. The only good part is that there at least was frost on my windows this morning. I took a couple friends from California out for a sled ride which was my first of the season. We went up to Mount Frederic and stayed close to Frederic which was lucky as the sled Max was on acted up only about a half mile from here. It acted like the choke was on and I have to get into it but my guess one of my little mouse friends built a nest in the air box…..that doesn’t usually happen here because I keep all my sleds inside for the summer but I did catch an unusual amount of mice this year. The trail was still surprisingly good for the warmth we had and there is still a ton of snow in the woods. I got here just before 9 and there were already three sleds at the gas station. The pic below is from our ride yesterday. So the wait is on. Thanks for checking in. Peteimg_3057

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