Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home in Michigan, Cathy & Haley picked me up at the Traverse City Airport Saturday afternoon and I went home and slept, but got up in time to take my girls down to the lake for a little bow fishing where we landed a couple of suckers. Then sunday morning we were up early to go to the airport again to take Melissa for her journey to New York City, so we did get to see an awesome sunrise over grand traverse bay and her plane left at 7:30. Then back to grayling again where I swear I slept most of the day again. I made it here to Frederic today at 11 and am starting to get caught up on both work and sleep. If you remember last month I talked about my new friend Gordon who I met at the campgrounds in Traverse last month and he said he was going to drive to Alaska too, well he called me yesterday afternoon and I met up with him and his dog Kai Ushe as they passed thru Grayling on their way t Alaska, he is pulling a camper and planning on a six week trip and that makes me a bit jealous.  I wished him and Kai Ushe a happy Journey and they were on their way. It was good to see him on his way. A couple pics of Gordon and his rig and the dog too below. photo 1 100_4170 100_4174 photo 2 photo 3My last day in Anchorage I went and rented a car so I could drive around as my plane didn’t leave till 9:30 at night. Had a good time checking things out and then found a bicycle rental place downtown. Pablo was quite accommodating and I rented this fat tired bike he had that I just loved and rode all around downtown and the coastal trail which was very nice. Then it was time to take the car back and presto, 12 hours later I was in Traverse city. A bit faster return than the drive out there. Overall it was an excellent experience and I surely thank Doug for giving me the opportunity to make that journey out there. So here are a few last pictures and the sunrise pic I took in TC, Thanks for checking in. Pete


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