High Noon on a Sunday in Downtown Frederic

The rain is just starting to drizzle in but there are about 15 sleds over at the swamp and a couple trailers parked out back. There have been a few people in and out of here this morning. It was up to 43 degrees and now its cooled down to a nice comfy 40. Not what we want to see. We haven’t even had any below zero days this season which is a really good reason to stay off the lakes. My brother sent me some pictures from tip up town last night which still proves there are people dumb enough to drive on a lake when it hasn’t been cold. So just trying to get back in the swing of Frederic. I made it back here to the shop last night about 5 so it took us 25 hours to get home from Boulder and you know we should feel blessed that we have the snow here that we do have. I guess it explains why there have been so many sleds here. Thursday night in Boulder coming out of the restaurant it was 57 degrees and if you wan to ride in Colorado you need to drive 2 to 3 hours out of Denver or Boulder to get up to where there is snow. There was no snow on the ground all the way from Boulder until we got by Holland Michigan. I talked to my friend who lives in Nebraska and has a large ranch there of a couple thousand acres, no snow there either and he said his pond wasn’t even frozen which allowed him to fly fish and catch some blue gills for dinner. Strange winter this year. We had the car so jam packed to get back here there was barely room for us to sit. Stopped off in Chicago to visit my sister for a few minutes and then on to Grand Rapids where there was a hunting expo show and my Chubby Buddy Bob the Sticker King was there so we said hi to him. I also loaded up on a bunch of his new political stickers which are pretty funny. I have them here in the shop and maybe I will put some pictures on here in a later post. I have heard rumors of a storm coming l later this week but who knows if that will really happen. Thanks for checking in. Pete

stay off the lakes stupid

stay off the lakes stupid

Bob the Sticker King

My Buddy Bob the Sticker King

stupid is as stupid does

not the sharpest stick on the ice

vintage sleds at houghton lake

vintage sleds at Houghton lake


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