High Noon Christmas Eve Day

Its high noon Christmas eve day in downtown Frederic at 34 degrees. We had a couple inches of wet slushy snow overnight. Enough for me to plow the shop here again and as luck would have it something happened to my plow right when I was done. So I have been messing with that. I have never had plow trouble before so this will be a learning experience. Sleds were out and about yesterday and I have only seen a few this morning here. Pretty quiet out there. I am only staying here for another couple hours and then off to home. Just hoping that we don’t get the rain they have predicted for sunday night for all of the lower peninsula. So far things have held up pretty well while it has made it to the upper 30s the sun has not been out. If it gets cold and we can keep this it will make an excellent base.¬†Merry Christmas to all and thanks for checking in. Peteimg_3059


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