Here is a new one

IMG_9631 IMG_9632Here is a new one, its the second day of the riding season and I just came in from cutting the grass around the shop. I am supposed to be riding today but not the riding mower. Also changing over from my summer signs and putting the winter ones back up. Of course no snow and it looks like its still going to beĀ  a while. I think I will limit my daily reports and will post as soon as there is something good to report. I will be here watching and waiting like the rest of us. Thanks for checking in. PeteĀ  Oops, I take that back I just walked outside to take a picture and there are snowflakes in the air. Cant figure that out as its supposed to be 40 plus again today. Maybe its time to take a trip to South Dakota, my friend Roger in Sturgis spent all day plowing yesterday. Here are a couple pics of the front of the building before and after.



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