Here I sit broken hearted

IMG_9878 IMG_9881Here I sit broken hearted, want to ride but cant get started.¬†Here I am in ¬†Frederic with no decent snow conditions. Its 35 and cloudy out, trail crossings all look pretty gravely, I did forget to mention that there were 2 sleds that rode into here on Wednesday and I did hear one off in the distance yesterday. Starting sunday the snow is supposed to start, but for now its supposed to be rainy mix..So far its dry out. I made some signs yesterday for the Ausable Valley Snowmobile Association. They were working on trail maintenance and below is Francis holding up one of the signs I made them…..just what you want to see in the winter. So the wait is still on. The picture below is up at the corner at the north end of Frederic looking north on the trail towards Gaylord. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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