Hectic Day

s a Its been a hectic day for me as its now 2 in the afternoon and I just finally got here to Frederic. When I left home this morning it was minus 24 and when I saw my friends that lived out by blue lake they said they had minus 39 at their place. Only a little dusting of new snow overnight. There were a few sleds across the street a while ago and there have been a few thru town today I have been told. I didn’t make it far on my ride yesterday as something happened and I lost a lot of power on my sled. I think its something with the turbo and I don’t think I a going to like whatever the outcome of it is. I got in about a whole ten mile ride. Tom Eckrich from Fort Wayne stopped in to say hi and to say he had run into the mountain man at lunch at the swamp and he even bought MM lunch. That was nice of him. Its supposed to get a bit warmer towards the weekend which should make for better riding conditions. And as a reminder my cottage is still available……Thanks for checking in. Pete




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