heading into the weekend

Right now I think there is still a whole lot of good riding than there is bad riding. Roads are dry and crossings of the roads are tore up but I know there is still a good ride out there. Its been cold and night and keeping things firmed up. In looking at the trailer counts this morning it makes me think everyone has gave up as there was one trailer at the Days Inn and only 2 at the Ramada and they¬† dont have alot of rooms booked at the Ramada. Things can change by the hour at this time of the late season. I am certain today is going to be good to ride yet and they are calling for 40 tommorow but I would bet you can still pull it off and just have to dodge some bad spots…..I posted a quick video clip I took this morning on my sledheads facebook page so look at the post below this on facebook. I dont want to sound like I am jumping ship but I have missed out on alot of good riding this year so if I can update from my phone to this page or to my sledheads facebook I will for the next few days as I am heading to the u.p. in the morning. Vets ride in seney tommorow and a huge ride so I am looking forward to that. The shop will be open as usual here but without me and the beagle. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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