Head West Young Man

This past weekend was another great northern Michigan weekend, temps a little cool but still a nice weekend to be camped at the state park in Traverse City. All of it was nice except for one part. I am an old paper boy, I delivered the Free Press for years at least 10 miles a day on my bicycle and always rode no hands with my paper sack at my side and would fling papers at houses as I rode by. No problem at all, so anyways I still ride no hands all the time. I was riding along talking to my brother on the phone and I don’t know what I did but WHAMMO I was laying on the ground. I hit pretty hard and landed on both of my hands, so no with a banged up knee and hurting wrists I sat there a while till I could get up. My brother thought I got hit by a car and my phone ended up under neath me. That was my exciting event for the weekend and I picked up and continued on my  ride after that…..So anyways nothing new to report in Frederic and if you want to follow along watch for my posts as I am heading off for Sturgis this afternoon. I am looking forward to Thursday night at the Full Throttle ……Most likely posts will be on my sledheads facebook page. My one other predicament I got myself into was pulling up to close with my camper to the front porch. I ended up to tight to the cement and couldn’t go forward or backward without damaging the trailer, so I had to go get a bunch of big wooden blocks and got it up onto them so the trailer would clear the cement. Not to hard and got it done without damaging the trailer. The cement wasn’t going to move. So that’s it and now its time to Head West Young Man……(I still think I am 15 instead of admitting I am 56),

trailer to close



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