Hard to Believe

Its pretty hard to believe that we are about 25 days from the official opening of the new riding season. Its been close to 70 the past 2 days and heading there again today. I saw earlier in the week the AVSA crew were out doing signs and getting trails in shape, the only thing we are missing is cold and snow. The Ausable Valley Snowmobile Association does a tremendous job of getting things in shape and they are all volunteers…A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to them. Many motorcycles riding thru Frederic the past couple of days and I wish I was one of them. Instead I have still been down on my fence project and I am happy to say that we actually had it operating and opening and closing so that project is getting closer to being done. Also I was very happy to receive a phone call from the sheriff department yesterday and they caught the people that broke into two of the units in June. They were a group of guys from Roscommon that were going to many different storage facilities and breaking in. I am happy it was no one local and I told them I am all for prosecuting and would be happy to come to court. The Snow show is in Novi this coming weekend. I was hoping to go but will not make it. If you see my chubby friend Bob the Sticker King go up to him at his booth and call him Pete. He will know its from me. ¬†Below is a picture of my young friend George Maytn who just happens to be turning 104 years old. George is the one on the right.He was born Nov 5, 1911 and is still sharp as a tack and is full of stories. Happy Birthday George. Thanks for checking in. Pete



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