Happy New Years Eve?

Happy New Years eve, at least that sounds good, Just another few flakes on my windshield this morning and it was 8 degrees out. At least the lakes are making good ice for the ice fisherman. A guy was just in here that said he saw 3 sleds out up by waters. I know I would love to be out there but not in this. Years ago we always used to go riding on New years eve. That certainly isn’t going to happen this year. At most on the ground outside here I would say a half inch is stretching it. A few people rolled thru here yesterday including Nurse Tim and his family from Northwest Indiana. He said that he and the doctors at the hospital he works at always enjoy reading my updates thruout the year. So here is a shout out to Nurse Tim. Thanks for the business yesterday too. Thanks for checking in and Happy New Years Eve tonight. Pete


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