Happy New Year but….

Happy New Year but it would be much nicer if we had rideable snow. There were two crazy guys that rode into here yesterday and I did see four sleds down by the gas station but it is still no where rideable conditions. We went to Lewiston to the Redwood Steak House for dinner last night and I certainly have to say there is more snow in the Lewiston and Frederic area then there is in Grayling, BUT still I wouldn’t want to have any of my sleds out in it. The guys that rode into here yesterday said they knew they were crazy but they are sick of waiting. Once again just a few flakes of new snow on my windshield overnight. It has really been cold and blowing the past couple of days. Today is also the last day of bow season and it looks like I am going to get skunked this year as there is no way I am setting out there in this wind and cold. Below is a picture of the 2 guys that rode into here yesterday. Don’t let the white fool you, it isn’t rideable…Thanks for checking in. Pete

1-1-15 Pete Jpg photo.3JPG

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