Happy New Year but….

Happy New Year to all but I don’t like this sun today. Its up to 29 and way to sunny out which isn’t going to do the trails anything special. When I got here at ten there were already 5 trucks parked in the lot with sleds buzzing around and getting ready to ride. Traffic really was a lot slower than I expected yesterday after such a busy day on Friday. I guess everyone must have headed back for home. This morning trailer counts were still at 2 at the days inn with the big black dodge being the die hard and still there after being there all week with his family. Only 8 left at the Ramada. I had trail reports of great trails to horrible trails yesterday but that is just pretty much normal and we are still way ahead of last years conditions so you just have to take what you can get. One of the pics below is from up by wolverine where a groomer got off the trail and was stuck. Parker and his dad had rode up there from here and spent the night in Indian River and then back to Frederic. Thanks for checking in and I think its time to start the snow chants up again. Pete

Happy 2017, our 20th year

Happy 2017, our 20th year


Groomer stuck by Wolverine



The Swamp II Bar & Restaruant Many Sleds fill their parking lot


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