Happy New Year 2014

The first sleds of the new year have already rode into Frederic and its 11 degrees out. We had our average nightly snowfall of about a half inch of new snow, just enough to brighten it up and make it nice and white. I was here at Sledheads till 7:30 last night and I didn’t want to leave as sleds kept riding in even for as cold as it was out, but darn, I had to close and go home. I have to admit we did go out and have a nice dinner at the Grey Rock so it wasn’t all that bad. Still not many people at the grayling motels, with 3 at the Days Inn this morning and 12 at the Ramada. Joel and his friend from Ohio were the first riders in this morning. I want to send a shout out to Bob Young who instead of being riding here in Frederic today is in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl. I guess that’s a fair trade as he plans on coming here to ride on Friday. Heck even I would do that. The beagle seems to be back to normal and even she came to work today in Frederic. Today is also that last day of Bow Season and once again a season has gone by without me getting Big Don. I did forget to write that last week I did get a deer on the afternoon I went out and thankfully for having knee deep snow in the woods he didn’t go very far before I could go get him. It was a buck but he had already lost his antlers. Each year I hunt with a bow until I get a deer with it and then I can go on to a different bow. Last year I didn’t get a deer so I had to use the same bow for 2 years. Now I can move on. I have had several Mountain Man sightings of him around Gaylord. He seems to be moving around a bit but right in town. He gets his check on the third so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him show up around Frederic. I will paste a link to a video I made last night here   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3moe3dGjZc   Thanks for checking in. Pete

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