Happy Mothers Day, with snow!

Well once again we had a little snow since yesterday. I talked to someone in frederic this morning that said we had a little on the ground. We were out looking for mushrooms yesterday and there were pretty good flakes coming down putting a little white on the trees and as we drove back into gaylord we were passing some cars that had a good amount of snow on them. We did find 53 mushrooms but we were getting wet and cold fast. Also when we left frederic and turned on hulbert road I spotted yet another spot of snow left in the shade of the trees from winter. I might check on it in the morning to see if there is still some there for a picture. I have heard that there are mushroom hunters finding some here and there but even the ones that I know that are really good at it arent finding alot. Thanks for checking in and Happy Mothers Day to all. I was down in kzoo wed night for dinner with my mom and brother┬áso I have to miss it with here today…..notice my flashy shirt I had on.


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