Happy Leap Year,,,I think NOT

Happy Leap Year,,,,I think NOT…..It seems that this really is leap year as winter seems to have leaped right over winter. I actually started this update about ten this morning but now its 4:40 p.m. I woke up to a cooling down house this morning about 4 and have spent all day with the guy getting my furnace working again. That included a road trip to Traverse City for parts. Anyways we rolled back in from Detroit last night and I have to say that being one of the few vehicles heading north there were a heck of a lot of sled trailers heading south and they must have all been coming back from the u.p. as they certainly weren’t in Frederic riding. It’s been blowing hard all day here but everything is pretty icy and hard. It would pretty much take a miracle to get us back to riding for this season. Hopefully one big March Blast. Below is a picture that was sent to me and funny thing about it was that I was there yesterday too and turned around in their drive as they were closed.So that’s it for the pics today and I need to get some work done…Happy Leap Year anyways. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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