Its about 26 out here in frederic this morning and we have about 4 inches of nice new packy snow on the ground. It certainly looks great out there but as I left home this morning there seemed to be a misty moisture in the air. The sled crossing north of the high school had one set of tracks on it but it was truck tracks. Hopefully this can start a base for us but there are predictions of 40s for later in the week which makes me think we will lose most of this. I did see some trucks out plowing drives this morning but myself I would rather drive on all this around here to pack it down and help the base. I still wouldnt be surprised to see a sled or 2 come out in this as everybody is ready to ride. Thats about as good as I can put it for this morning. But¬†also as in my top line I did get in some new shirts to sell, Duck Dynasty shirts seem to be the hot thing lately……¬†Thanks for checking in. Pete

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