Happy Fourth of July weekend

It was a beautiful day for the fourth in Grayling and Frederic with lots and lots of people around, the lake full of boats zipping around and just little old me in my cedar strip canoe floating a desolate and dead quiet section of the Ausable River that I like to call the Spikes Challenge. It only takes about an hour to do and the great thing is there is never anyone in that section. The mainstream from town east is like I 75 on weekends like this filled with canoers. The grayling parade was nice and its always nice to see the AVSA groomers out and about even if there is no snow. Pics are below. Many events around northern Michigan today with the big one being the blue angels flying in traverse city at one oclock on Saturday and sunday. Also I ssee we are well past the one million mark on the counter and there were no takers on the one millionth hit….that kind of surprised me. Thanks for checking in. Pete…

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

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