Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all from the Traverse City State Park where we are on our first camping excursion of the year. Still some snow banks here in the park and the bay still has a lot of ice in it. Bike rides and campfires and only about 4 other people camped here. We went for a bike ride downtown and went up to the top of the Park Place which we haven’t done before, it gives you a pretty nice view of the bay. I¬†went to Gaylord on Thursday and horseshoe, Bradford, and Otsego lakes still looked like it was January as they were all frozen solid without a trace of water on the shores of them. Lake margrethe still has a lot of ice on it too but the shores are starting to open. Friday I am planning on heading out for my next big adventure and funny this is I met a guy named Gordon who is one of the few campers here that is going to do pretty much the same thing but he isn’t going till next month. I will be updating as much as possible along my travels….My two pictures below are the snowman I made from a pile by our camper and the other big snowpile was a guys front yard near downtown T.C. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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