Groomer Sighting, first of season

I saw my first groomer on the trail last night just north of Waters last night and he was heading north. I would imagine that means that he went to Frederic to Hulbert road and was heading back north. I make a quick trip to Gaylord around 5 last night and wanted to see how much sled traffic there was on the trail. A few sleds at the Stampede and only a couple others after that. This morning I was greeted to about an inch and a half of new almost system type snow when I walked out and its about 22 out there right now. I am coming at you from the Century 21 office in Grayling as the Beagle and I are heading out on a road trip again this morning to Grand Rapids and then on back to Baldwin for a closing on the longest most dragged out real estate deal I have ever seen. Banks really run people thru the mill on financing these days even when they have good credit…..but the bonus part of this closing is its next to Jones Ice Cream in Baldwin so I can have desert afterwards. Then from Baldwin back to Frederic tonight so I can make it to our annual Century 21 Christmas gathering at Marsh Ridge. Sledheads is and will be open all day today and I am just trying to get everything stocked up for what looks like will beĀ  a busy week next week. Time to hit the road ,So as the lone ranger would say Hi ho Beagle and away…….Thanks for checking in. PeteĀ  oops, I forgot to write about the 700 k on the counter, I am a little confused as I have 2 people that came in with a pic at 700k, first one being initial of RK….but I think the second one is him to so please clarify that with me. Honorable mention goes to Brian Hess who clocked in at 700015 and then I don’t know where Mark Dann was but he checked in at 700477. So the winner of the spikes card and sledheads shirt is RK….but please get ahold of me. Thanks

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