Groomer Sighting

We didn’t get anywhere the 6 to twelve inches that was predicted last night, around Grayling we only had 2 to 3 inches which I don’t expect will last. It will however make it nice for the deer hunters to see into the woods for deer on opening day this Friday.. I had a phone call from my friend (and veteran) GM this morning to tell me that all 3 Grayling groomers from the Ausable Valley Snowmobile Association were heading south on the business loop. One must have turned off but I did get video of 2 of them heading down the loop, here is a link to it   Nice to see them out and about. I am heading off to the cabin for deer season too so I will try to do an update from the library in Wellston if I can or I think I can do a hotspot on my phone too while I am there. December first is getting closer and the big question is will there be enough to ride or not…….Think Snow and thanks for checking in. Pete

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