Grayling is Heartbroken

You know you hear it every few years that a communinty suffers a huge loss and  it always seems to come close to gradutation time.  My heart is hurting today along with everyone else in grayling. Yesterday a van carrying the Grayling High School golf team was in an accident on their way to an outing in Kalkaska. There were six students in the van plus the coach. One of the students and the coach were killed. The other 5 students were taken to traverse city. In the other vehicle there were 3 people and one lady in that one was killed. Its hard to explain the feeling of how it hurts inside and how it affects everyone in town. The kids at the high school have placed flowers and cards on the truck of Louis who went to school yesterdy morning and never made it back. It still sets there this morning and there are some pictures of it below here. Jason the coach I have known since he was a kid, and everyone has their own stories of these students. Lives ended and changed forever in a split second. All we can do is pray for all those involved and for those that made it thru recover and lean on one another for support. There is a vigil planned at the Grayling Country Club for thursday night. Here is a link to one of the news articles.

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