Good Morning from South side of Chicago

Good morning from the south side of Chicago and I am not with Leroy Brown. Actually in Tinley park right now. From what I hear its foggy and 30 in Frederic right now. It got warmer than I would like to have seen yesterday and sled traffic was pretty slow for a sunday. I have to say I was shocked as I drove down state and saw south of Big Rapids that there is no snow anywhere, just all brown grass so I can see why people are happy to come up and visit us. Even with the warmer than we like temps of yesterday we have incredible snow compared to what I see in the rest of the state. I had a call from a regular reader in Vermont yesterday and he is ready to come and see us as there is no snow in Vermont either. We are supposed to get some more snow this week but of course we need to wait it out and see what really happens. I came down here to my sisters in Palos hills for her mother in laws funeral. Will be rolling back to Frederic later today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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