Get the lawn chairs and grill out

Get the lawn chairs and grill out. Its 39 here in Frederic this morning with drizzle in the air here and there. Still no hopes of riding around here. On the way home from Big Rapids yesterday I ran into a guy with a trailer at the Lake City McDonalds and he was on his way up to Grand Marias to ride and this morning I had a couple in that were heading up to Newberry to ride. They at least have some rideable snow up that way. Also had a guy in this morning from the state line area and he was bummed cause he couldn’t ride. I told him to keep going 2 and a half hours north to newberry or seney and he could at least get a ride in up there. I tried to call Don in Seney this morning to get his input but didn’t get him, so hopefully that means he is busy with sledders. In the mean time the wait is on for who knows how long here in Frederic. All I have to say is thank goodness for Century 21 as I have had 3 house deals close in the last 2 weeks and am going up over to list another here shortly up behind Precision Motorsports. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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