Get Ready cause here it comes

Get Ready cause here it comes, If the weatherman is correct things have shifted and we are supposed to get hit with wet heavy snow starting this afternoon. We are on the edge of the 6 to 10 inch prediction. They started and have continued weather warnings and advisories on tv early last night. You would think its a huge deal as they keep flashing it on the tv screen. I guess by tonight or tomorrow morning we will know the real results. If we really do get it those that are lucky enough to be here should have a great time. There was only one sled that rode into here yesterday and he said he passed the Gaylord groomer between Frederic and Waters, so that makes 3 groomer sightings that I know of in the past couple of days. I thought this song was appropriate for the coming forcast and storm.   Get Ready cause here it comes……    Keep up the snow chants and thanks for checking in. Pete

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