Fun in Frederic

Well my fun in Frederic started out this morning when I walked in the door at sledheads. I went in the backroom and there was a lot of water on the floor and then I heard it, somehow the connection to my toilet that has been there 20 years decided this was the day to come apart. The bright side was that the water went mostly in the back room but it did manage to give me a lot of wet carpet and things that were on the floor. So the morning was spent sucking water out of the carpets and I have to say that by the looks of the water coming up that it  needed a cleaning. So other than that I did spot some snow still in the pine trees this morning in Frederic and there is a pic of that below here. Also a few nights ago a bear was hit just 2 blocks north of the shop here. It was coming out of the neighborhood and heading towards the sled trail. There is a picture of it too below here. Well last year at this time I was on my road trip to Alaska, I wish I was doing it again this year. That was a great trip. One thing I forgot to mention from my trip to Las Vegas was that I went to see Duck Commander the musical which had just started playing on Wednesday night that week. I went on Friday night and as luck would have it Willie was there in person to see it along with his wife. He came out after most everyone left the theatre so I got to meet him and that’s where the problem was as my battery was dead in my phone so the guy behind me took a picture for me and was going to text it to me. He must have put my number in wrong cause I never saw the picture of Willie and I….gee for all the pictures I take it sure was a bad time to have a dead phone. Anyways I hope that guy somehow put that picture online so maybe it will pop up sometime….That’s enough blabbing for me tonight. Its after six and time to head home. Thanks for checking in. Pete

snow 4/27/15

snow 4/27/15


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