From one extreme to the other

From one extreme to the other, over 2 feet of snow on Friday and Saturday and back to mostly bare grass this morning after lots and lots of rain yesterday and last night. Then the weather forcast has us down for 6 inches tonight. Who knows. There were at least ten sleds I saw around town on Saturday and the snow was very good yet then. So now we have to wait it out and see what happens. It certainly was a nice teaser start. Below I am posting a picture of the parking lot I took this morning. Also I haveĀ a rental dog for the next week. Zorba is my moms dog and my brothers have been taking care of him since she has been gone, but my brother Alex is on a cruise and my other brother Zig is heading for Florida today, so Zorba or Zorbzilla as they call him is hanging out with me for the next week or so. He is curled up by the fireplace by the Ellie The Beagles old spot…..Thanks for checking in and start up the snow chants again. Pete

photo 1 photo 2

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