Its Friday and I am still wondering if riders are going to show up. Earlier this week the forcast was for snow everyday but we only really had snow one day. Sleds were out and about on Thursday including the Alabama boys who had arrived back in Michigan Wednesday night. I even had a facetime call from Ohio Mike (who just discovered facetime). He hasn’t been north since fall. That made me think about many others I haven’t seen this season like Toledo Bob & Amy, Ohio Eddie, The Ohio Pooper, Illinois Mike hasn’t been around in years and Bad Leg Barry hasn’t been in either. Maybe I have to wait till next year to see everyone, Tom Parks made an appearance last weekend and I am sure there are many more I cant think of right now. I have a lot of wood outside for a nice big fire and haven’t even had a nice fire. I think trails are still in pretty good shape for the snow that we have. Riders that come in are just happy to be doing that.Trailer counts were weak this morning with 2 at Days Inn and ZERO at the Ramada. A group of Canadian riders from Sarnia were in last night and they told me they had come up on a sled accident by lakes of the north, a lady had apparently missed a stop sign and was hit by a wing plow on a county truck. They airlifted her out and the story was on last night news also saying she was in critical condition.  Here is a link to the news story Please be careful out there. Below is a picture of Bill & Darrin that super rider Dave Klemish sent me yesterday. They were down by Leota, and that is south of Houghton lake. Dave got new carbides last night and they were going to head for the big Mac bridge today. Also a pic below taken by Larry on Bois Blanc Island of the bridge at night. Larry takes incredible pictures. Thanks for checking in and ride safe!

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